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Scottish Music Yearbook           

Feature book this month: Scottish Music Yearbook, a year long journey to Scotland through the music of Scottish composers

On this page you will find a list of books and CDs that might interest you if you like Scotland, Scottish history, music, culture.

If you are looking for a Scottish gift for someone who loves Scotland, then I hope this list can be of help to you.

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The Wee Free Men

by Terry Pratchet

Nac Mac Feegle meets nine year old Tiffany Aching. A story of witches and little blue men in kilts.


by John Prebble

Backed by historical documents, this book on the battle of Culloden has a 4.4/5 rating (83 reviews) and was recommended to me as a good read. 

Scottish Miscellany

by Johnathon Green

Scottish gift ideas anyone? "Jam packed full of fascinating info on Scotland. Hard to put down." was what I was told about this book. 283 ratings 4.7/5

The Steel Bonnets

by George MacDonald Fraser

The story of 300 years of the Scottish border wars with the English. 324 reviews 4.4/5

The Scottish Music Yearbook

by Julia Read

Each month explore pieces of music by Scottish composers. "The range of musical styles mentioned is fantastic. A great yearbook if you want to explore all that Scotland has inspired musically."


by Sam Heughan, Graham McTavish

Humourous banter as Sam and Graham travel around Scotland. 9547 5 star ratings on Amazon.com - surely a must buy as a Scottish gift or for fans of Outlander. 

Scottish Wedding, a Bride's Guide

by Julia Read

A guide on hiring a quality bagpiper for your wedding. Questions to ask, tunes to request and where and when it is appropriate for a piper to play. 

The Lost Words: Spell Songs

by Robert MacFarlane et al

Book and companion CD. Julie Fowler, Kris Drever et al composed and performed the music to accompany MacFarlane's list of words from nature that are getting lost from our language. A huge hit around the world.